Dawn Cummins

I am fortunate to meet lots of lovely people. I love talking to them about their hearts desires and helping them through the blocks that they may have, helping them to achieve what they want for themselves.  Here are some of the testimonials that I have received. 

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Dawn is an incredible healer, spiritual guide and empowering coach. Her energy work was a wonderful experience and left me feeling recharged, peaceful and centred after what had been a very challenging personal time that had left me feeling energetically drained and out of balance. If you are a sensitive, intuitive person, looking for the support of a skilled, intuitive, empath - Dawn is your lady! A true earth Angel.
Nicola Huelin

Dawn Cummins is my Reiki Master and with her love and guidance she has helped me to transform my own life to one of true self power, love and wealth on all levels.  If you feel ready to discover the love and worthiness from within, Dawn will guide you to a new level of healing. A very inspirational lady!
Nikki Pinkney

I met Dawn and instantly fell in love with her warmth and positivity, I bought her book and fell in love with that for the same reasons. Dawn is full of positivity and gives you the tools to lead a more positive life. A lovely warm, genuine and kinds hearted woman"
Tracey Bartlett

Working with Dawn has helped me to transform my life, when I first met Dawn I had a lot to cope with at home with relationship issues and I had a very negative approach to life. Dawn helped me to see the positives in life and I learnt techniques which I can use to help me. I learnt to love myself and believe in myself. Dawn also bought out my passion for the sea and on the beach where I feel both alive and at peace. I have also learnt so much about the Angels and they are now a big part of my live.

When I have a bad day and I feel low, I think of Dawn and what she would say, and I think of all the things in my life to be grateful for. I would not be the person that I am today without the love and support given to me by Dawn.  So if you want someone to help you to be the best YOU can be, I would have no hesitation in recommending Dawn
Nicky Leggatt

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