Message of Love

Are you ready to allow yourself to immerse in an experience of feeling the love, embracing worthiness? 

My book Message of Love really does have a powerful but simple message, explaining how you can learn to get in touch with and feel the love which is deep within your soul. You will feel inspired, gain clarity and strength, knowing you are ready to connect to who you truly are. Here are some reviews received about my book. 

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"I feel that Dawn's 'Message of Love' is a glorious manual for life and can be classified as 'all things for all people'. Reading it may be someone's first step to changing their life, for she gives very clear suggestions as to how to do this. Or it can be an excellent aide memoir for those who are already on their path of inner truth.  Dawn includes in her book personal reflections with clarity and simplicity, being honest about the challenges she has worked through in her life, making this a very readable book. 'Message of Love' is a slim volume packed with thought provoking ideas to enable us all to find our real self"
Gillian Woodroffe-Smith

"This book takes you to the next level of awareness. Its truly inspirational and I believe its a must read up there with Think & Grow Rich , Live Life Love Life, 10 Secrets for Success and The Monk That Sold his Ferrari. When you are ready the book will grab you and you will move on to where you truly believe and deserve to be! Thank you for a great read and for further inspiration to realize my full and deserved potential!"
Gary Bloomfield

"When reading this book I felt inspired and positive. It helped me look at things in a constructive way.. I always feel close to spiritual ways of being, and Dawn helped remind me of how far I have come on my journey. Also of where I hope to be and work towards.. I think for people who maybe havent come across these thinking techniques, this book will be a wonderful eye opener. For those who have, its a nice reminder"
Natalie Strange

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Dawn's story and message of love and transformation are very inspiring – thank you Dawn for sharing your wisdom, for sharing your journey and for messenger of love and light in the world. 
Nicola Huelin

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