My Book - Invisible Wings

Do you know you are the Powerful Creator of your life? 
Are you experiencing deep transformations?

The Power of Invisability

This book supports and encourages all Earth Angels, spiritual beings, healers, empaths, highly sensitive people (HSPs) to discover their own transformation, understanding it is paramount when in service to the Universe, really starting to honour their well-being and energy. Your personal experience will be insightful as you embrace your true Invisible Empowerment.

Invisibility is a powerful word, but equally an amazing gift, a strength, in fact a spiritual strength.

I believe that we all have Invisible Wings, and that we are spiritual beings have a human experience. My books are very healing and for all of humanity as it is about embracing Love and Light, supporting you on your transformational journey spiritually and personally.  The world does need more sensitivity and "Invisible Wings" The power of Invisibility will help, support and encourage all High Sensitive People to understand how to accommodate their gifts, experience the wonderful magic and power of it too. We all have this invisible support system, it is our inner guidance. 

My interview with Sara Jane from Gift of Healing TV - Thouhtful Nuggets and Pearls


Dawn's book is simple: "All you need is love. "Step out and take this path to happiness and enlightenment. Dawn's clear writing, enthusiasm and supportive voice will help create questions within yourself, so be prepared for exciting times ahead. Lots of information and inspirational ideas to potentially change many lives for the better. 
Paul Case - Reiki Master 

Open, authentic, vulnerable "with brave wings she flies"
Heather Stewart - Celebrant

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Previous comments

"A truly wonderful second book. Invisible Wings is an easy read and you can pick up or put down anytime. Choose a chapter that may be relevant to you at the time. Very inspirational and you can gain confidence within yourself. Fabulous!!!!"
Pat Strickson
"Dear Dawn, Thank you for your inspirational words and guidance. You gave me the confidence I needed to follow in your steps, or in your slipstream! You helped me fly! With love Pat x Uploaded March 2018 "
Dinah Turner
"Dawn's book - Invisible Wings - is a truly uplifting and inspirational read. There is much to reflect on and to meditate on, with Dawn's support, encouragement, guidance and positivity shining out on every page. I very much enjoyed reading this empowering book. Thank you Dawn.- uploaded February 2018"
Franklin Beckman
"Invisible Wings is a transparent and empowering read. It enables the reader to connect with the concept of Love, Light and ones own uniqueness. At the same time I would describe Dawn's authentic writing to be just like a Butterfly who finds its wings for the first time, then instinctively takes flight and with a serene glide, navigates its pathway ahead. Well done Dawn, you are an inspiration! - uploaded January 2018."
Meg (via Amazon) - November 2017
"Lovely book, very inspiring and definitely makes you feel as though you can accomplish anything with the right mindset and positive attitude. Dawn's books have a great way of instilling nothing but confidence and energy within yourself and helps you view things in a different light. Suitable for everyone and definitely worth the read!"
Jack Grimwood (via Amazon) - November 2017
"Definitely applicable to any age (I am 22) as you long as you have an open mind and embrace it! Great title and clever structure. This book will give you the inspiration and empowerment that everyone needs! Thank you."
Nicola Huelin - November 2017
"This book is an inspirational gift for highly sensitive people (HSP's), earth angels, healers, empaths, lightworkers - anyone who is working on their own spiritual growth, inner journey and personal transformation and empowerment. We live in a world where there is so much pressure to achieve, do, have and become increasingly visible in this digital era. Dawn's book, through her voice and wisdom as a transformational healer and spiritual teacher, is a wonderful reminder of the essential nature and power of our inner I.N.V.I.S.I.B.L.E. resources. A book which is both uplifting, yet grounding at the same time."
Tracey Bartlett
"Hello Dawn, Thank you so much for a copy of your lovely book which I read whilst on holiday. It is always lovely to have a reminder that we should listen to our inner self and to not feel guilty about it. I was particularly taken by your chapter on vulnerability, something you are doing by writing your book, which is a true inspiration, one day I will write mine! Intuition was another chapter I enjoyed, this is something I am learning to do more and more. x"


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