Grace Programme

You could be at a stage where you just need help to get back on track. I offer a heart warming and uplifting 90 minute session by Skype or phone, where you will gain clarity to where you are in your life. Or maybe you are ready to go to the next level of your healing.  I have a 5 week programme called “GRACE “ this 5 step process assist’s you in grounding, releasing and letting go of old patterns, also learning powerful techniques/ exercise’s, awakening you to who you truly are. You will embrace your UNIQUENESS and express your brilliance.

I will share my understanding of the word Grace. It is known as a blessing, a very special connection to universal / source energy, angels. Simply known also, as a every day flow of energy, that we are all part off. Grace is being grounded, being here, present and in a place of ease.

I chose to start trusting myself and the angelic energy to flow through me, which strengthened my link to Grace. It is a true gift for those who are ready to embrace it, and will bless you every step you take.

The “GRACE” programme is for you if you are

  1. Ready to commit and surrender.
  2. Awaken to who you are.
  3. Create a life you dream of, making a difference.
  4. Want to achieve positive outcomes, with the tools/ coping techniques.
  5. Ready to embrace LOVE, trust, faith and courage

The 5 steps of “GRACE “ 

  1. G....rounding, learn the importance of grounding and having this foundation in your daily life, through using technique’s/exercises, plus meditation.
  2. R....eleasing, surrendering, letting go of old beliefs, patterns and issues. Release all attachments/expectations to outcomes, by using coping strategies.
  3. A....ligning through extending your heart energy, connect to your higher purpose, expanding the part of you that is wise, loving, compassionate and kind. Practising gratitude, allowing your true dreams and desires to manifest.
  4. C....ommunication, conversing in ways that help you feel worthy of asking the angels to help you. Gaining clarity, seeing and believing more clearly. 
  5. E....nergy, create positive energy through positive thinking, allow the stream of well being to flow always, Enjoy your inner power and strength.

These steps can help you understand personal and spiritual development on another level.

So if you are feeling or sensing a spiritual awakening within yourself, wanting support in finding greater inner peace and fulfilment, then the 5 step “GRACE” process can assist you to your highest potential. Trusting and following your passion to live your life that you deserve and desire.

Is it time for to embrace your COURAGE, nourish your soul, feel worthy of this life enhancing gift of GRACE?

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