My Poems

I am writing my second book, but also feeling inspired by poems too, that keep popping out of my head.

This one was in 2009, and I shared it in my book “ Message of Love “


BLAME..... who do we blame, ourselves, others everything that makes us feel pain.

What do we gain, when we blame.....only pain.

We can heal blame, even shame......even though we feel pain.

Begin with feeling the rain upon our pain, soothing, healing.....freeing our pain, with so much to gain.

Why do we feel pain, when we BLAME !!!!!

I've written a few more in 2017 too.


To Nurture your Soul is to become whole, being who you came here to be.

Feeling blessed to inspire those souls of Divinity.

Pray to the Angels above, asking for help, for those who may need a shove of LOVE, and a

Joyful hug from thee.


VULNERABILITY... gives you the ability to truly be vulnerable in amazing authentic ways, some will be fun, and others will want to make you run.... from all those peering eyes.

Positive and negative experiences will always arise, challenging you, BUT you are never surprised.

Only you know that your strength comes from within, as it truly is no sin.... you simply feel the LOVE from your heart. not in your mind.


I am having a bit of a BLIP with my HIP.

I am in pain , which is a shame, but I am not going to blame the pain, as I know I have so much to gain.

I am looking in the mirror and feeling rather vain, seeing only horror from this pain, again and again.

I am now letting go of all the pain that thinks it can make me lame, knowing only LOVE can tame this pain.

Hip, hip hooray have a magical day.

This last poem came to me one morning at 4am, which is relevant at the moment.