About Me

I am a Transformational healer, spiritual teacher / coach doing the work I was born to do.

I have a true passion, desire, to inspire people to help themselves by awakening to who they are, and honouring and embracing their own inner guidance and uniqueness.

I help people who are lost, off track, overwhelmed and sensitive, and support them to become stronger, confident, calmer, more peaceful and motivated to live a life they deserve.

Let me share with you some of my back ground.

I began my professional life as a hairdresser where I discovered my creativity and honed my natural counselling skills of listening, understanding, encouraging and inspiring others. Then after 25 years I woke up one day and said to my husband “ I don’t want to continue being a hairdresser”. I want to be a counsellor.

So my seamless transition from being a hairdresser to becoming a counsellor was the beginning of a wonderful journey, which helped transform my life.

A very simple truth of “ Practioner Heal Thyself “,I was willing to change and to commit to the challenges along the way. It’s not for the faint hearted ! But I soon realised I didn't want to be a conventional counsellor, and continued on a holistic journey, which really opened so many amazing opportunities, and I went on to study and qualify to be a Psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and an accredited Life Coach.

Through my own growth and through my personal and spiritual development, healing myself on all levels, and learning to love myself, so that I feel worthy, has allowed and encouraged me to awaken to who I truly am; to an understanding that we are all one, all connected to this amazing experience, called LIFE.

My healing was so profound, guiding me to how I was going to help so many others. I found myself going deeper, allowing me to fully connect to my higher purpose, gaining more insights, sometimes painful, funny and even scary at times.

I feel a Transformational healer or someone who helps others, is someone who has been empowered on their healing journey, completely equipped and trained with tools and techniques that can help others create their own sense of empowerment. It is through this self [ empowerment } mastery that encourages many people to master their life purpose.

It is about being ready to go to that next level of your spiritual awakening and growth to discover the real you, to find yourself and claim your soul - your true identity -using positive resources.

With COURAGE, belief and trust, these changes can happen, and the results may be even better than you imagined.

About Me